Monster and Sighter is playing hide and seek.

monster is the ghost, Sighter is the person.

One~ two~ three~

The game begins, 

Monster already find Sighter half a day,

and has not find him yet.


Monster is mad, he calls by telephone to the president 

and order the president to help him to find Sighter.

The president announces all generals to interupt all people work, to help Monster.

The generals press the alarm,

and all people use "light speed" to go to the president's room.

"Find Sighter, if you did find him, I will give he or she one hundred dollars." 

The president said.

All people go to find Sighter, 

but neither in theater, subway, cellar, bank, department store and post office.

They could not find him.


All people surrender and go home, Monster is still finding Sighter.

Suddenly, the night has come.

When the moon is in the sky,

Monster finally finds Sighter.

He is wearing pajamas and watching TV.

"I find you." Monster gives Sighter a huge hug and Said.

"what's the matter!" Sighter said.

He forgot that he is playing "Hide and Seek".


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